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It’s been a while since my last blog post. A lot has changed. DeNA closed their Vancouver studio just over a year ago (~May 2015).

Later that month was the launch of a collaboration between my wife and I, a photo decoration app called Paint Paper Studio. We’ve updated it several times, and there is more to come. Including an Android port.

I joined Mobify in mid-July 2015. I’m still having a great time there, and have learned and grown a lot. I realized this is my first full-time non-game industry job. I actually got a lot of questions about this, but the industry has changed, and I have changed. Mobify was a great fit and I can still make little games on my own.

I started taking a photo every day as I walk to work. You can see them on my Instagram account.

In December Olya and I collaborated on and launched another mobile app: True Bokeh, a very simple photo taking app that forces the camera focus as near as possible. This helps you take ‘bokeh’ photos in lower light conditions with concentrated light sources.

In this past April I participated in two game jams. One was the famous Ludum Dare, and I completed a ‘compo’ entry. The other was the Global Archiact Jam, a Google Cardboard (VR) gamejam. It was refreshing to work on small games with no notions of profitability, retention rates, analytics or advertising. I plan on participating in an Unreal game jam some time in the near future.

I hope everyone had a great 2015 and first half of 2016. I plan on blogging more often, and sharing progress on new projects. I hope you do too.

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Why I Always Respond to Recruiters

My first interaction with a technical recruiter was during my second co-op placement (internship) at Relic Entertainment in 2007. We had individual phones and company extensions, and occasionally we would use it to call a colleague when we expected them at a meeting, or family could call in, etc. I received a call from someone I didn’t know, representing some recruitment agency.

Internally, I freaked out. How did they know my name? How did they get my Read more ›

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Success is Scrappy

I constantly have to fight with my inner perfectionist. I feel like being a programmer makes this a little more difficult – you have to be very precise when you write code. The computer will do exactly what you tell it to – and to err is human.

Most of the time, perfection is an impossible goal. To get anywhere near takes a lot of time and effort. With the current pace of game and app development, concepts like minimum viable product have taken hold as solutions and guidelines for development. I think the reality is much more messy than MVP sounds – so I prefer to say Read more ›

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Lessons from being a Lead Programmer on a Mobile App in a Distributed Environment

First of all, that’s a long title. It was also a large role. In 2012 I started working on PlayRank, a mobile social sports app that looks like just a simple iOS app, but really ended up being a high-quality client for a brand-new social network (in only 6 months). I learned a lot leading the engineering side of things, and here are notes I made Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: Photography Edition

Vancouver usually has the nicest weather during August, so this year I decided to take a photo a day. I didn’t have any real criteria, just ‘interesting photo’, I guess. This challenge probably had the shortest time commitment per day, but I still tried to find interesting shots to take. Most of them ended up being tuned and filtered using what is built into Instagram.

Below is my month at a glance:   Read more ›

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