UFO Dad Development Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Video

I’m very proud to share this video – Kevin Oke and I worked very hard on UFO Dad, and here you can see how it evolved over the course of development! This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of what the game looked like over approximately 8 part-time months of work from prototype to final release. 

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Steam Machine and Controller Photos

Since I was lucky enough to get a Steam Machine and a Steam Controller at the recent Steam Dev Days, I thought I would take a bunch of photos of the hardware to share. I also wanted to provide a good scale reference, so I’ve included shots with the new hardware and the ‘old generation’ of console hardware, namely the Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, and their respective controllers. Keep in mind the Steam Machine is the “Gigabyte Brix” model; Steam Machines come in all shapes and sizes (also prices and performance capabilities).

Steam Machine and Steam Controller: Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: Sci-Fi Edition

In January this year I did another 30(31 in this case) day art challenge – this time drawing with the theme of sci-fi. I’m a fan of sci-fi media, and have always admired the art created in that genre.

Many of my 2013 art challenges were still-life drawings, and for 2014 I wanted to push myself to create things more from my imagination, for better or for worse. I ended up with some pieces purely from imagination, others based on a ‘how-to do sci-fi art’ book my wife bought me, and a few inspired by some concept art I found on pinterest.

Below is my month of work at a glance – all drawn on paper Read more ›

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