Why I Always Respond to Recruiters

My first interaction with a technical recruiter was during my second co-op placement (internship) at Relic Entertainment in 2007. We had individual phones and company extensions, and occasionally we would use it to call a colleague when we expected them at a meeting, or family could call in, etc. I received a call from someone I didn’t know, representing some recruitment agency.

Internally, I freaked out. How did they know my name? How did they get my Read more ›

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Success is Scrappy

I constantly have to fight with my inner perfectionist. I feel like being a programmer makes this a little more difficult – you have to be very precise when you write code. The computer will do exactly what you tell it to – and to err is human.

Most of the time, perfection is an impossible goal. To get anywhere near takes a lot of time and effort. With the current pace of game and app development, concepts like minimum viable product have taken hold as solutions and guidelines for development. I think the reality is much more messy than MVP sounds – so I prefer to say Read more ›

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Lessons from being a Lead Programmer on a Mobile App in a Distributed Environment

First of all, that’s a long title. It was also a large role. In 2012 I started working on PlayRank, a mobile social sports app that looks like just a simple iOS app, but really ended up being a high-quality client for a brand-new social network (in only 6 months). I learned a lot leading the engineering side of things, and here are notes I made Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: Photography Edition

Vancouver usually has the nicest weather during August, so this year I decided to take a photo a day. I didn’t have any real criteria, just ‘interesting photo’, I guess. This challenge probably had the shortest time commitment per day, but I still tried to find interesting shots to take. Most of them ended up being tuned and filtered using what is built into Instagram.

Below is my month at a glance:   Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: 3D Animation Edition

In July this year, I made a short (5-15 second) 3D animation each day. I used Blender, an animation package that I started using a long time ago, but I haven’t really done anything with it since my 3D modelling challenge last year. This was my opportunity to get up to date with the latest version, and Read more ›

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