30 Day Art Challenge: 3D Animation Edition

In July this year, I made a short (5-15 second) 3D animation each day. I used Blender, an animation package that I started using a long time ago, but I haven’t really done anything with it since my 3D modelling challenge last year. This was my opportunity to get up to date with the latest version, and Read more ›

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On Valve

The following is an opinion piece – I wanted to write up my thoughts on Valve through the various perspectives I’ve seen them through. I originally planned to write and post this earlier in the year, prompted by the Steam Dev Days conference.

Disclaimer: I actually don’t know anyone who currently or has ever worked at Valve. I’ve worked with people that ended up at Valve at some point, but we haven’t kept in touch. Anything I know is simply from interviews, the famous employee handbook, etc.

As a consumer:

I still remember the first time I played the first Half-Life. I was Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: Architecture Sketches Edition

After a month off from creative challenges in May, June was Architecture Sketches month. Whenever I’ve tried to draw buildings, especially from memory, I was always surprised about all the detail involved. Most of the time I gloss over these kinds of things, so through this challenge I was able to see architecture in a very different, much more detailed way.

This month my lovely wife lent me a nice pen and moleskin notebook to do my sketches in. Each day I took a photograph and published it to Instagram, and from there to Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I would post late at night (or early the next morning), but I still did one per day.

Below is my month at a glance:   Read more ›

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30 Day Art Challenge: Cartoon Edition

In April this year I did another 30 day art challenge – this time drawing cartoons. I’ve taken life-drawing classes when I was young, but cartoons always seemed daunting. I admire how much character, style and detail can be conveyed with the (often simple) lines and shapes. I can think of many iconic cartoon characters, but don’t know where to being to create one.

So over the course of the month I pushed myself to imitate the styles I admired, as well as to try to come up with my own. Check them out below! Read more ›

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UFO Dad Development Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Video

I’m very proud to share this video – Kevin Oke and I worked very hard on UFO Dad, and here you can see how it evolved over the course of development! This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of what the game looked like over approximately 8 part-time months of work from prototype to final release. 

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