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10 years since college

10 years ago I started taking a ‘game programming program’ at CDIS (Center for Digital Imaging and Sound). I was taking my first serious class on learning C++. I met great people like Jason Filsinger, Dan Read, Jeremy Hardy, Ash Matheson (an instructor), and others. It’s amazing to look back at what we’ve collectively accomplished since then.

Jason went on to work at EA for quite a few years (NBA series, a Wii Tennis title, EA Active) , then to Slant Six (Resident Evil), and is now working at Capcom.

Dan went on to work for Radical, Mad Doc Software, EA, and is now at Apple.

Jeremy went on to work for Yummy Interactive, Rockstar Vancouver, United Front Games, and is now at Capcom.

Ash went on to to work for Ubisoft, Radical, HotHead, United Front Games, Ubisoft again (this time in Toronto), and is now at Bioware.

I worked at Relic Entertainment, Eruptive Games, and am now working for Adrian Crook & Associates.

It’s staggering to think of all the game titles that we have collectively helped ship over the last 10 years; back then we were just students with the dream of working in the game industry (except for Ash). Despite the game industry being tough to get in to, and also tough to survive in, it’s comforting to see that we’ve all settled into roles that we are passionate about.

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