Month: December 2012

2012 – Year in review

2012 was quite an interesting year for me. Started out working on a new, exciting project at Relic (rendering) Project got cancelled and team was let go in early April Interviewed with a bunch of studios in Vancouver Rapidly developed and

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Initial codeheart.js impressions

I’ve been meaning to get some experience with building web-based games – at Eruptive Games I worked on Citizen Grim, a Flash-based web game, but the ‘new hotness’ is HTML5. Which as far as I can tell just means modern

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10 years since college

10 years ago I started taking a ‘game programming program’ at CDIS (Center for Digital Imaging and Sound). I was taking my first serious class on learning C++. I met great people like Jason Filsinger, Dan Read, Jeremy Hardy, Ash

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Hello, world.

Hello, world! It is with those historical words in computing that I start my new website/blog. I’ve attempted blogs in the past, but didn’t have much of a focus, or a great deal of material to write about. I had a

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