Year: 2014

On Valve

The following is an opinion piece – I wanted to write up my thoughts on Valve through the various perspectives I’ve seen them through. I originally planned to write and post this earlier in the year, prompted by the Steam

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30 Day Art Challenge: Architecture Sketches Edition

After a month off from creative challenges in May, June was Architecture Sketches month. Whenever I’ve tried to draw buildings, especially from memory, I was always surprised about all the detail involved. Most of the time I gloss over these kinds

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30 Day Art Challenge: Cartoon Edition

In April this year I did another 30 day art challenge – this time drawing cartoons. I’ve taken life-drawing classes when I was young, but cartoons always seemed daunting. I admire how much character, style and detail can be conveyed

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UFO Dad Development Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Video

I’m very proud to share this video – Kevin Oke and I worked very hard on UFO Dad, and here you can see how it evolved over the course of development! This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of what the

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Steam Machine and Controller Photos

Since I was lucky enough to get a Steam Machine and a Steam Controller at the recent Steam Dev Days, I thought I would take a bunch of photos of the hardware to share. I also wanted to provide a

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