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30 Day Art Challenge: Architecture Sketches Edition

After a month off from creative challenges in May, June was Architecture Sketches month. Whenever I’ve tried to draw buildings, especially from memory, I was always surprised about all the detail involved. Most of the time I gloss over these kinds of things, so through this challenge I was able to see architecture in a very different, much more detailed way.

This month my lovely wife lent me a nice pen and moleskin notebook to do my sketches in. Each day I took a photograph and published it to Instagram, and from there to Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes I would post late at night (or early the next morning), but I still did one per day.

Below is my month at a glance:


It was great to see comments of friends recognizing the various places in Vancouver I sketched.

In July I made short animations every day, and in August I took a photo a day. I’ll be posting about those challenges soon!

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