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30 Day Art Challenge: Blender Edition

Last month (September) I did another 30 day art challenge - this time making 3D models daily with Blender. I have a long history with this software - I used it a lot in high school (now over ten years ago..) but not much recently. It has also gained 3D sculpting features which I have been meaning to try out, since I have no experience with that at all.

I started out thinking I could make some assets that could later be used for a project - but as the month went on, I didn’t really have any solid ideas for what those assets could be or should look like. So I continued making models of random stuff. I ended up making quite a few things ‘from my imagination’, something I didn’t do with my first three art challenges.

You’ll see my monthly round-up below, including the evolution of my 3D sculpting skills over a pretty short period of time. I spent probably a maximum of 30 minutes on each, likely around 15 minutes on average.


(Yes, the pixel-art-looking ones were made when I was very short on time 🙂 )

This challenge involved a lot more learning, since the sculpting stuff was all new to me. I watched a few YouTube tutorials on how to sculpt, which I found very helpful.

I don’t have an art challenge set up for October, but it is quite a busy month so I will likely resume in November. So far my ideas for a daily challenge include painting and making sound effects. Maybe even voice-over ‘stingers’? (I recently took an introduction to voice-over acting course)

Any other ideas?

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