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30 Day Art Challenge: Cartoon Edition

In April this year I did another 30 day art challenge – this time drawing cartoons. I’ve taken life-drawing classes when I was young, but cartoons always seemed daunting. I admire how much character, style and detail can be conveyed with the (often simple) lines and shapes. I can think of many iconic cartoon characters, but don’t know where to being to create one.

So over the course of the month I pushed myself to imitate the styles I admired, as well as to try to come up with my own. Check them out below! All the work was done on plain paper and a pen.

You can see that I also got better at taking and preparing the photos of my cartoons over time. This was the first challenge where I posted on Instagram (and from there to Twitter and Facebook) every day, right after I finished my cartoon. That helped me stay accountable, and it was nice to get some encouragement. I have more challenge round-ups coming up soon!

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