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30 Day Art Challenge: Photography Edition

Vancouver usually has the nicest weather during August, so this year I decided to take a photo a day. I didn’t have any real criteria, just ‘interesting photo’, I guess. This challenge probably had the shortest time commitment per day, but I still tried to find interesting shots to take. Most of them ended up being tuned and filtered using what is built into Instagram.

Below is my month at a glance:


As you can see I started taking more photos of buildings near the end of the month - it was hard to resist due to the great weather and the fact that I pass by them all on my route to and from work. For September my daily challenge has been blogging - which is why you are seeing more of these round-up posts, they are part of a large backlog I’m finally getting through. In October I’ll be making comic-style art each day - looking forward to that!

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