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30 Day Art Challenge: Sci-Fi Edition

In January this year I did another 30(31 in this case) day art challenge - this time drawing with the theme of sci-fi. I’m a fan of sci-fi media, and have always admired the art created in that genre.

Many of my 2013 art challenges were still-life drawings, and for 2014 I wanted to push myself to create things more from my imagination, for better or for worse. I ended up with some pieces purely from imagination, others based on a ‘how-to do sci-fi art’ book my wife bought me, and a few inspired by some concept art I found on pinterest.

Below is my month of work at a glance - all drawn on paper with a pen, except for the one 3D model rendering on the 2nd.


It was fun to get back into sketching, and explore some ideas I had in my head for some time. For a few drawings I experimented by starting with a still-life drawing, and then turned it into a sci-fi piece. You can also probably tell about what time I attended the Steam Dev Days conference.

I’m a third through my March challenge, which is to create/record a sound effect each day. Throughout February I was making a quick game design and storyboard every single day, which I will be writing about soon!

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