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30 Day Sketching Challenge: iPad Edition (Part 1)

I mentioned last month that for all of July I would be doing daily sketches on my iPad (1st gen!) with a capacitive stylus. I’ve been using two different ones so far, mostly the Wacom Bamboo iPad stylus, but also a $2 (12-15x cheaper than the wacom…) stylus/ballpoint pen combo that I bought from a Japanese dollar store. It really isn’t bad at all, and is a steal at $2. (CAD)

I thought I’d do a mid-month check-in this time, so here is the first half of my sketches, click to see the full size:


I’m slowly getting better at the graphic novel characters, but it is tough 🙂 Drawing on an iPad is also an interesting challenge - I’m still experimenting with different brushes and settings. Right now I end up zooming in and out a lot (for precision work). If anyone has any tips please let me know! Next art update will be at the end of the month.

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