30 Day Sketching Challenge: iPad Edition (Part 2)

So I haven’t written an article since my last art post – it’s been a busy two weeks! But I still managed to do some iPad art every single day, and here it is:


I’m going to be taking an art break for some (or all) of August, although it’s two days in and it feels a little strange not to draw something every day. I must have formed a habit!


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3 comments on “30 Day Sketching Challenge: iPad Edition (Part 2)
  1. Martin Murphy says:

    Try drawing from observation. Still life, animals, urban sketches, or cafe sketches. First mark should be a light horizon line to set the stage from your station point. Lookup sighting techniques to help with proportions and capturing angles.

    • Karl says:

      Hi Martin, thanks for the tips! The bunny and tennis ball sketches were still life, and everything else was drawn from reference. I definitely need to learn more technical skills so I will check out sighting techniques, thanks again!

      • Martin Murphy says:

        You bet. Thanks for the post on simulations! Check out James Gurney blog and rendering with pencil or ink by authur guptill.

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