30 day sketching challenge

For a while I’ve been meaning to work on my art skills. I took some art classes in high school, art classes outside of school, and even a university course on sketching, but never really pursued it beyond that. My wife is an artist and I always admire the work she does. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with amazingly talented artists throughout my career so far.

My wife did a 30-day sketching challenge for herself during April, and it was inspiring to see her work every day. I thought it would be a good exercise for myself as well, so I started my own challenge in May. I didn’t miss a single day, although some days the work was rather simplistic. I was just using a simple pen (coincidentally the Google pen I got from Siggraph 2011) and drew still-life from around our home. I’ve arranged all the sketches in chronological order, click to see the full size:



Thanks for checking out my work! I think it’s important to try new things outside of my main skillset, and I encourage anyone else out there to try a challenge like this to kickstart their creative juices 🙂

Next art challenge for myself: 30 day sketching challenge with a wacom tablet!

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  2. […] Last month I completed my first 30 day sketching challenge, with nothing but a pen and a pad of paper. This month I did the same challenge, but with the Wacom ‘Bamboo’ tablet that I bought years ago and used only a handful of times. The learning/comfort curve was high enough that I never dedicated time to getting past that – but no more! I spent time every day in June drawing something. […]