Cave Defender Devlog – Week of April 1, 2019

Since January 1st of 2018, I’ve been keeping a log of my daily work on Cave Defender. I’m sharing this log on a weekly basis so you can find out how development is going with the game. In the last week I:

  • Wrote first draft of the pre-mission 4 briefing dialog, as well as elements that need reworking or making from scratch. Posted screenshot saturday.
  • Task breakdown.
  • Milestone due date. Actually entered all the milestones, their high level components, and their due dates into Trello. More in-depth mission 4 design work. Pushed all milestones out by 2 weeks (resulting in a 2 week delayed launch) since I am nowhere near ready for the one due today.
  • Prototyped an asteroid field for mission 4, as well as repositioned in-world UI for better communication with the player.

Media posts this week:

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