Cave Defender Devlog – Week of January 29, 2018

Since January 1st of this year, I’ve been keeping a log of my daily work on Cave Defender. I’m sharing this log on a weekly basis so you can find out how development is going with the game. In the last week I:

  • Posted a video for #screenshotsaturday
  • Worked on debris ‘waves’ or however it will be structured (for the initial task you are given: protect mining equipment from space rock debris that flies into the cave)
  • Refactored some wave data structure stuff, and added a debug ‘fast forward’ to help skip to placing I am iterating. 
  • Realized I need to storyboard/script out BOB-95 movement.
  • Figured out how I might change BOB-95 UI dialog within an animation. Also I think it’s #screenshotsaturday worthy. I want to make a GIF for Twitter since I think it might perform better. (GIF = for sure no audio, a common thing I look for when on Twitter)
  • Played around with Unity animations – looks like with this I can more easily script stuff moving around (tested on BOB-95) and then can write stuff to play back the appropriate animations at the appropriate times. 
  • Quickly added a debris enemy type, this will need some work.
  • Got all the teleporters ‘flying’ in…although as usual, could use easing/curves 🙂
  • Started getting BOB-95 to move..doesn’t look great yet. 
  • Did another breakdown of the first playable milestone, to get a better understanding of what is left.
  • Worked on the cruiser model/texture.
  • Prepped image and text for social media post for tomorrow.
  • Working on making the teleporters fly into the cave. Need to implement ‘game object movement scheduling’…same thing needed for BOB-95 in the tutorial.
  • Posted Monday social media post – about the TV writing book.
  • Quick model of what I’m calling the ‘cruiser’ enemy ship. (clam-inspired)
  • Modelled ‘medium’ enemy (calling fighter ship) and put in-game. Next up is the large enemy.

If you’re interested in getting updates on the game, especially when it is released, please sign up at ?

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