Cave Defender Devlog – Week of July 15, 2019

Since January 1st of 2018, I’ve been keeping a log of my daily work on Cave Defender. I’m sharing this log on a weekly basis so you can find out how development is going with the game. In the last week I:

  • Met with James Semple, who will be composing original music for the game! Lots of great collaboration today, very excited to hear what comes next!
  • Made sure most scenes have a standardized pause menu that allows you to go back to the main menu.
  • Normal map texture tests so debris can have a ‘damaged’ state, so you know you’re on your way to destroying it.
  • Auditing older levels to see how broken they are (they need to be re-done for narrative reasons, but wanting to demo the environments). Posted screenshot saturday.
  • Need to get some part of the game playable again. Got endless mode working better.
  • Yet more geometry experimentation for mission 4 this morning. I think I’m getting closer. More work on the environment in the evening.

Media posts this week:

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