Cave Defender Devlog – Week of June 24, 2019

Since January 1st of 2018, I’ve been keeping a log of my daily work on Cave Defender. I’m sharing this log on a weekly basis so you can find out how development is going with the game. In the last week I:

  • More iteration on the test level. Posted screenshot saturday. Unfortunately shadows weren’t working for the screenshot, fixed them. The back button worked on device. The laser pointer UI fading was problematic, but after a bunch of iteration I have something better.
  • Attempt at using the back button the Go controller to pause/unpause the game. Also adjusted the ‘laser pointer’ UI to fade at the distance, next step is to fade sooner if you aren’t selecting anything.
  • More iteration on the level template, experimenting with size and distance. Need to run on device next.
  • Recorded a bunch of gameplay video right on the Oculus Go, for collaboration.
  • Finally set up a level template in Blender, not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. Some levels have wonky scaling within Unity, which makes it hard to go back and author in Blender back to Unity – it’s a bad practice and I’m not sure why I did it in the first place. Fixing it now. Going to see how easy it is to drive most of the spawn points from Blender as well.
  • Experimented with a different lighting setup for mission 1, also different UV layout and generated textures from Blender.


Media posts this week:

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