Cave Defender Devlog – Week of October 29, 2018

Since January 1st of this year, I’ve been keeping a log of my daily work on Cave Defender. I’m sharing this log on a weekly basis so you can find out how development is going with the game. In the last week I:

  • Posted screenshot saturday. Some environment tweaking of mission 1.
  • Made the shield generator model and initial implementation in the game.
  • More iteration on the advanced and normal shield models.
  • First pass of the advanced shield unit model, and quick implementation in the game. Still need to add the ‘deflect debris’ feature.
  • Restored the crystals in mission 1 – not sure why I didn’t export them before? They were in the source art. Also had to re-place a bunch of the teleporters because the environment scale changed or something? (for the same level)
  • More iteration on the shield model. Implemented some test changes to debug this weird audio bug on device.
  • Investigated a strange long-time audio bug on iOS. Worked more on the shield unit model. Still no luck on the bug. Need to try without disabling any of the defenses tomorrow.

Media posts this week:

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