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PlayRank Basketball is on the App Store!

I’ve been meaning to blog more often, but there was a big push to get PlayRank Basketball, a second-screen sports app I’ve been developing ready to launch in late January. We wrapped up our version 1.0 last Friday, and as of tonight, it is on the app store! It’s free, so please check it out!

I have a few articles I’ll be writing about my experience with PlayRank: it’s the first significant product I’ve been the lead programmer for, as well as my first ‘live’ product (not fully true, I worked on many patches for Relic products, as well as updates for Citizen Grim at Eruptive), the first shipped project I made working as a freelancer, first shipped project with AC+A, first product built from concept->V1 in 5 months with a tiny team, and more.

Download it here!


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