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Switching from Chatr to Shaw Mobile

This month I switched to Shaw Mobile for my personal cell phone plan service. I learned a few things along the way, and figured it would be good to share the process for anyone else who is curious.  Background In

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Revision Control: Learn it, use it

This article is going to fall under the ‘duh, obvious’ category for any software engineer who has professional experience, (at least I hope it does!) so it is intended for students and non-engineers who haven’t heard of RCS or don’t

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Deploy to platform first (and often)

If you plan on shipping code on some device, whether is it a PC, phone, tablet, game console, whatever – your first priority is to get some code running on that device. Any code. Even it is just a sample

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How I use social networks

I was thinking the other day about how I use social networks, compared to how they are intended to be used. It’s not really relevant to programming, just an observation of user (myself) behaviour with some systems. Facebook – mostly personal, some

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Initial codeheart.js impressions

I’ve been meaning to get some experience with building web-based games – at Eruptive Games I worked on Citizen Grim, a Flash-based web game, but the ‘new hotness’ is HTML5. Which as far as I can tell just means modern

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