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Success is Scrappy

I constantly have to fight with my inner perfectionist. I feel like being a programmer makes this a little more difficult – you have to be very precise when you write code. The computer will do exactly what you tell

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UFO Dad Development Behind-The-Scenes Making Of Video

I’m very proud to share this video – Kevin Oke and I worked very hard on UFO Dad, and here you can see how it evolved over the course of development! This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek of what the

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2013 – Year in review

2013 was a very busy year for me. Started out crunching hard on PlayRank and eventually launching it in late January In March, started a new job at YMC Network as a Lead Programmer Went to GDC 2013 (first GDC,

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UFO Dad is LIVE!

The game that Kevin Oke and I made together is finally on the Playstation Store! It’s hard to believe that it was just earlier this year, we were peddling our (very) rough prototype to Sony, and now the game is

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UFO Dad – a PlayStation Mobile game coming soon!

I am thrilled and proud to announce a game I’ve been working on with Kevin Oke, UFO Dad! What is UFO Dad?  UFO Dad is a mash up of platforming and match 3 coming soon to PlayStation Mobile! Think varying degrees

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