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Thoughts on the first Steam Dev Days

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This past week I was lucky enough to attend Steam Dev Days in Seattle, WA. When I say lucky, I mean Ryan Vandendyck of Eden Industries graciously let me tag along with him, since he was invited (he has a game on Steam, Waveform, and is currently working on Citizens of Earth). Big thanks to Ryan for getting me into the conference, as well as to and from it (Check out his games!).

It’s been a few days since the conference ended. It might be the post-event buzz, but I think it was the best conference I had ever been to. I haven’t been to many conferences, but Dev Days was the most streamlined one I’ve ever seen. There were no vendor booths, no giant sponsored banners, no sessions that end up being just a vendor sales pitch, nor conference bags filled with advertising. There were a lot of game developers, seemingly many of them programmers, many Valve employees (all very friendly), and surprisingly inspired and inspiring sessions. Even the catering was quite nice.

Here is a collection of my thoughts and experiences from the event:

Soon I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Steam OS (including Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller) and my opinions on Valve as a whole.

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